Finding The Best Web Hosting Service Right For Your Business

Step by Step Creating a Domain and Finding Webhosting For Your Web Site

In order to create a website first you have to determine for what purpose you are going to use the website.

Step 1: Determine the purpose

To determine your purpose, you need to identify what are you going to use this website for. For Example:

  • Are you going to be a blogger?
  • Are you trying to Sale product online?
  • Are you trying to start a business. i.e. Woocommerce?
  • Do you have website and you want to transfer it to another webhosting service?
  • Etc.

Once you determine the purpose for your website, you want to find a Webhosting service first. Webhosting service is where you host your website and its content.

Step 2: Determine you Webhosting service.

Below are Webhosting providers that we recommend:

Step 3

The next step is to create a domain name for your site. A domain name is what people use to reach your website. You can use any of the services above to create a domain name. There are service online that can help you to create a domain name. Sometimes, the domain name you have in mind is already taken or maybe available for sale. We suggest to use a domain name builder to create a perfect domain name for your site.

Step 4. Choose a Plan

In order to choose a plan, you have determined the types of websites you would like to build. You need to determine;

Volume of traffic is going to hit your website.

How much content you are going to store in your webhosting provider. For example if you are planning  to store lots of images per product you may need a larger storage. But, if you are planning to store one or two pictures then you may not need as much storage.

Do you want a shared hosting, or dedicated server. Usually dedicated hosting is faster than shared hosting. If you just started probably shared hosting would be sufficient and once you establish high traffic you can upgrade your services to VPS or dedicated hosting services.

Do you want to purchase security services in order to protect your site from unwanted intrusion, bots.

And etc.

Step 5. Webhosting Research

Once you determined Step 1-4. You need to research which Webhosting services is right for your needs.

For Example; If you would like to start a Woocommerce not all Webhosting services offer Woocommerce. You need to determine which webhosting providers can provide Woocommerce based on your needs. Some of the Webhosting service that we recommend that has Woocommerce are:

There may by other Webhosting services that do offer Woocommerce as well.

Step 6. Sign up

Once you determined your needs to can signup for a hosting service. The hosting services we have provided above will cover all types of needs from WordPress, Woocommerce, shared, dedicated and VPS (Virtual Private Server)

Step 7. Register a Domain name

Depending on the package you purchase almost all hosting service will provide a free domain among other services. You can also purchase a domain name separately. Namecheap sells domain name cheaper than anyone we know.

You need to register your domain with domain registrar. Domain name is a string of characters that give your website an identity similar to,, and etc.

Domain name can be created with the extension of .us, .edu, .org if available and that suites you and based on your needs. If you are trying to tie your domain name for your business, we would suggest a .com extension.

Most people still perceive that a business has .com extension but it is not necessarily true. There are lots of business which end with different extensions other than .com. Probably its preference.

Step 8 Create Your Website

Once you have registered your domain now you can start building your website. As mentioned above at this time you should know what your website is all about. All above service comes with default sites that you can start building your website. If you don’t like the themes, you can use WordPress Themes to create your website.

WordPress provides Themes that you can customize and create great looking websites. Some Themes are free and others you may have to pay for. Also, there are other services that you can download themes or purchase custom Themes such as or Creativethemes

At this point you are ready to create your website. If you are a beginner, there are numerous tutorial available on hosting services that can provide the fundamentals of creating a great looking website.

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