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Ultimate Smart Devices for Home Automation 2022

Today I want to talk about technologies you can use to improve your living with automated /intelligent devices. Almost all devices will enhance the quality of your life by adding various smart and automated appliances or devices to control your home /or apartment from anywhere.

Amazon Echo Dot

The new Amazon Echo Dot smart home device is activated by home assistance with Bluetooth speakers that can play music, answer your questions, respond to queries, tell you about traffic, request a wake-up call, and much more. It is like a personal assistant waiting to serve you. The device is reasonably priced. Amazon Echo is created with ergonomics in mind and can be placed anywhere in our home as long as it can access WIFI networks and can be plugged into the power outlet. Amazon Echo is one of the best technological wonders that have been created. It has a place in every household.  

With Echo, you can also check your calendar, time, check on schedules, get information on the weather, and traffic conditions, read your news and e-book. And you can inquire about things that you may not know. It uses Amazon Alexa, artificial voice assistance that powers up the Echo speaker.

Arlo 4 Pro Wireless Security Camera

I like Arlo 4 cameras are the newest of the Arlo family. They provide 2k HDR video quality with WIFI capability. They come with a rechargeable battery. Arlo 4 cameras connect directly to your WIFI network for easy access and wireless setup. You can receive alerts on your phone where the cameras sense motion. You can stay connected to your home from anywhere. Arlo 4’s also work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

You can reduce unwanted notificatons with Arlo’s 4 thus, Another advantage of Arlo’s. Responds quicker, and you can review past events and video history.

Arlos 4 has a wider viewing angle so that you can view 160 degrees viewing capability. Arlos comes with night vision so that you can see intruders in low lights with unique details. Arlo’s comes with fast charging ports and magnetic mounts for convenience. You can install the camera quickly and make adjustments as needed.

The beauty of Arlo’s, is that they are weather resistant and certified to stand heat and cold weather. Another advantage of Arlo’s is that you can receive notifications via an intelligent device such as Smart things, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, etc.

Arlo’s is an excellent choice to increase your home security in conjunction with other security devices.

Google Nest Hub

Google Nest Hub is a technological wonder. Capable of working with various compatible devices. It can turn on your lights and see who is outside. The smart device quickly answer the door from anywhere within your house. Although Google Nest Hub has a small monthly fee, it can integrate with the rest of the Nest family, such as play and control TV shows on your Google Nest display or Chromecast using your voice. With Google Nest, you can make calls to family and friends using your voice. Google Nest can replace your current router and give you reliable coverage. Google Nest comes with Google Assistant so that you can play your favorite music, control devices, etc. Google Nest Hub is an intelligent 10-inch touchscreen display with a good speaker and video calls. It is easy to set up and a great addition to your smart home setup.

Google Nest Thermostat

Google Nest Thermostat, by far, is one of the best Thermostats on the market. This smart device comes in a variety of colors that fits with your home decor. Google Nest smart Thermostat looks sleek and provides a modern look for your resident. By using Google Nest, will pay for itself when saving on electricity and heating costs. It can learn the settings for your home. With its ENERGY STAR certification, you can save a lot on your heating and cooling bills. The Nest sensor will allow you to customize your room temperature, whether at home or away from home.

  • You can control your device with precision and ideal to your liking.
  • It can learn your favorite settings and automatically adjust itself.
  • It connects to your WIFI, and you can change the temperature of your house from anywhere.
  • You can receive alerts on your mobile devices.
  • It is capable of learning your favorite settings. Set and forget.
  • It is capable of keeping a history of how much energy you have used
  • You can customize the temperature for each room with Nest Sensor
  • And much more.

Amazon Smart Plug

One of the most exciting inventions is Amazon Smart Plug. Amazon smart plug allows you to voice control your lights, coffee maker, fans, and other devices. Amazon Smart plug works with Alexa-enabled devices such as Fire TV, Amazon Echo, humidifier, Lamps, electric kettles, etc. You can use Amazon Smart Plug with Alexa to add voice to any outlet.

With Amazon Smart Plug, you can automate and control lights, fans, and other appliances while on the go. Amazon Smart Plug is easy to install and configure. It’s a compact design to allow more prominent outlets to connect. With Smart Plug, you can make your home smart without the additional cost of other expensive products. As mentioned above, you can connect your smart plug with three easy steps.

iRobot Roomba s9

One of the most impressive inventions is automatic vacuum cleaners. Robotic Vacuum cleaners make every homeowner’s job easier. There are countless automatic vacuum cleaners and manufacturers. One of the best manufacturers is iRobot. iRobot makes several robotic vacuum cleaners with different capabilities and prices for every household.

One of the newest models of iRobot is the Roomba s9+ Self-emptying robot vacuum. It is one of the most powerful robotic vacuum cleaners in the iRobot family. s9+ has powerful deep cleaning functionality with systems that lift loose debris and hair without effort. This smart device is capable of automatically empty its bin on its own with an enclosed bag system.

With its intuitive with voice commands and cleans spots without the whole cleaning cycle. Is able to quickly clean accidental messes like breakfast crumbs and remove small derbies via the Robot home app. Can clean dirty spots more quickly using its dual brush and constant contact with the ground. It has a technology to avoid getting tangled with pet hair. It has a full suite of sensors that allows the cleaner to go under and around furniture and keeps it from falling from stairs with proper configuration. If you are in the market for an automated vacuum cleaner, iRobot s9+ is a top buy.

If iRobot s9+ is out of your budget you can also try iRobot J7 self cleaning vacuum. iRobot J7 still a good buy

iRobot 9s+

Amazon Smart Thermostat by Honeywell

This smart device is another smart thermostat provides a piece of convenience to increase your home automation. Amazon smart thermostat have functionalities that other thermostat may not have. Certified by Amazon. ENERGY STAR certification that can save up to $50 a year on your energy bill. It comes with capabilities such Alexa and works with Alexa app from anywhere.

You can get Alex app to provide you with installation help. It is like having an installation specialist working with you to install your new thermostat. The only caveat to this installation is that the thermostat does not come with speaker or microphone. Note: You have to use another Alexa capable device for this purpose.

The device comes with a sleek design and goes well with any decor. You can set the temperature with your smart phone from anywhere. The thermostat is capable or connecting with your home WIFI. This device is compatible with other Amazon devices such as Echo.

And the best thing is this device is that is very moderately priced.

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