Best DSLR Cameras for Photography and Under 1000

There are a lot of cameras that you can use for your blog or intended purposes. Personally, I like to use a DSLR Camera for any pictures. As technology is moving forward, you can even use the camera on your mobile phone to capture great photos and get away from the hassle of using an SLR or DSLR camera.

Most mobile cameras have long passed from 8 megapixels to new iPhones and Android, which you can capture up to 40 megapixels. Mobile camera phones are catching up with DSLRs and are professionally equipped.

But having said that, I still prefer to use a DSLR camera for any situation. I only use my Mobile Camera when I am outdoors, where I cannot take my DSLR or take a quick picture where I don’t want to carry bulky equipment.

The blog is about DSLR cameras, so let’s talk about them. I believe they are the right tool for professional photography for business application use, such as taking a picture if you are selling any products or using it for graphic applications.

Of course, there are many DSLRs that you can choose from. I have used 3 different DSLR cameras. I still have one that I used, which is not high-end, but when I purchased it, it was the low-end of the high-end, if you know what I mean.

If you are in the market to buy a camera, you can either purchase or new or preowned (used) one. I prefer to buy a new camera and take care of that camera. You might be thinking of buying a preowned high-end, which may give you a high-end picture. I used this approach for my first camera when I purchased mine from a professional photographer.

The thing that you don’t know about is how that camera was used. How many more years of service can you get out of your used camera? How long you can use that camera before the components can break up. If the person that owned the camera has taken care of the camera. If the camera has been used more than normally used? If the camera has fallen into water or has hit the ground. If…..

I think anyone can start with an entry-level DSLR and move up from there.

One of the cameras I have used is a Canon EOS Rebel. Although this camera is not high-end, it does what it is supposed to do and takes great pictures. There are many Cannons cameras that you can choose from that will provide the same essential functions. Other models have more settings and offer better pictures depending on what you are trying to accomplish.

I would suggest Cannon 5 and 6 D models if money is no object. These models are used by professional photographers. They can capture faster pictures and have a higher resolution.

Of course, other manufacturers have a similar camera with various price points. Another manufacturer that I recommend is Nikon. Nikon has been in the camera business for a long time. They make excellent equipment. Of course, Nikon cameras are more expensive than Cannon, relatively speaking.

The Nikon DX series start below the $1000 mark. They are great cameras, for starters, and take great pictures. The lowered model is comparable with the Cannon Rebel series. One of the Nikon that I have used is D5600.

Nikon D5600

  • 24 megapixels
  • 7 FPS
  • 100-25600 ISO
  • 4K and 24P
  • Built-in WIFI

A comparable Cannon is a Rebel T8i. Which has similar functionality with:

Cannon T8i

  • The newer D5600 has a higher resolution,
  • Can capture up to 24 megapixels
  • 5FPS Continuous shooting
  • 100-25000 ISO
  • And Full HD
  • With built-in WIFI and Blue tooth

Of course, both cameras come with many other features that I have listed here. They are both excellent starter professional cameras that do not break the bank. They will take great crisp pictures. They have built-in WIFI where you can transfer your photographs over a wireless network, and they come with SD memory cards to capture professional-looking images.

I would recommend both cameras. If your budget allows and, as I mentioned, and if you think money is no object, I would recommend going with higher models to a midrange pricing such as Cannon 5, 6, or even 9 D series or Nikon D500 or 750.

These are midrange professional cameras that will provide you with years of service. They are not low-end, or after a couple of years to be dissatisfied with your purchase. Still, they are good enough to give you a professional feeling that you have made the right purchase.

Of course, they are other manufacturers out there that may give you the same level of satisfaction. You can try other camera manufacturers and technology if you don’t like them.

The newest versions of cameras are mirrorless. These cameras take crisp pictures. They are sometimes faster than regular DSLR cameras. They come with higher resolutions, are Faster, have intelligent controls, and have high-end grips.

Many professional marketing folks use mirrorless cameras to capture and record videos for social media such as YouTube. These cameras are more expensive and may have more resolution than traditional DSLR cameras.

I prefer the DSLR camera because I can use the best of both world old and new technology.

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